Alice Gone Rock

At our school we have a Rock Band competition Friday Oct. 30. We are able to choose the song we would like to sing in the first round. We were provided with many song titles, and since I am the singer of my band they had me choose the song. I took the list of songs home, went out on YouTube, and watched the videos for all of the songs. There was one song in particular whose video stood out to me, “Girls Not Grey” by A.F.I. (a Yahoo video)

In their video* there is this creepy little bunny thing that leads this girl through a “time warp”. The passage is through the bass guitarist. All of a sudden they are transported into this alternate world of color and cartoon. The rabbit leads this girl on a miniature journey to find the band. All the while you get to listen to a great song. Sounds like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, huh?

I love being able to spot these little allusions to well known stories in real life media, such as music or television. You might watch a movie or particular show a thousand times, but it only takes one view to find a hidden reference you have never noticed before.


2 Responses to “Alice Gone Rock”

  1. 1 Emma L.
    November 10, 2009 at 6:36 pm

    Wow this is really cool! I didn’t go to the Rock Band competition but if I saw that or looked up the songs I would laugh and show anyone I could my discovery, like you did. Movies, like The Matrix, and music videos like “Girls Not Grey” do not necessarily demonstrate a plot summary of the story of Alice in their works but they impede a part of the story which gives their work a creative boost. Like Alice, I have seen many references to Lord of the Flies and even AP European History in articles and on TV. It makes me feel so good inside to know what the references are and I can laugh and discuss with my peers. I even got to listen to great song and discover a new band! I hope if you find anymore references you post them up so everyone can “ooo” and “ahhh” at them!

    If you want to check out “First Thought! Of Course I Ought! (Ch.8)” to see how I described and compared the Disney Version to the Book.

  2. 2 Christian Long
    November 7, 2009 at 4:54 am

    Intriguing, creepy, wonder-ful, and downright odd. And all in a good way. No doubt they’ve liberally borrowed from Carroll’s classic, but they’ve added a funky Ugly Doll spin on the rabbit, obviously, and perhaps even a Willy Wonka like Alice for good measure. Love that the band appears to ‘be’ Wonderland for the rabbit/Alice towards the end, as well as how the band members ‘enter’ the rabbit hole (aka one of their band mates). Thanks for passing this one along!

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