The Real Alice

As you read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland you see that Lewis Carroll puts all the right attributes into Alice that would make her just the same as any other girl her age. She is actually just like any young girl from the real world- a happy-go-lucky and curious child with a short attention span. But what I am beginning to see is that Lewis Carroll probably put some traits from the real Alice into his story’s character. You can probably sum up what the real Alice would be like if you ever met her.

You find out what Alice’s personality would be like mostly in Chapter 1. Now, if Lewis Carroll actually did use Alice L.’s personality for the story’s version Alice, then I would suspect her to be very curious. First you can see this when she gets up and chases the rabbit and when she goes down the rabbit hole, and even when she drinks from the bottle. She seems like every other young girl, not really aware of cause and effect. “What would happen if I went down this hole?” “What if this bottle is actually poison?” Although she does ask these questions she still isn’t very aware of the severe consequences that could occur.

She also seems concerned about what other people think of her or how what she does affects other people. This occurs first when she is scared of dropping the marmalade and is scared of hitting someone. Or how she might offend someone by asking what country she’s in. I believe that Alice L. may be mature in the way where she is concerned about other people’s feelings and is like a person who always says sorry when they might have not done anything at all.

The real Alice Lidell seems just like any other normal little girl in the fact that she is rambunctious and careless, but she is more mature in how she has feelings for others. If Lewis Carroll really did use Alice Lidell as the base for his story’s character, then he executed it perfectly, as she has the perfect children’s story personality, as well as the average little girl’s personality.


1 Response to “The Real Alice”

  1. 1 Christian Long
    November 7, 2009 at 5:03 am

    You have a natural writing style in terms of ‘thinking out loud’ as you ponder the possible links between Alice L and “Alice”. As you say, she’s just the average little kid (or girl), but perhaps he truly tailored the story after the very audience (Alice L.) that he told it to.

    BTW, have you done any additional research or Google searching on the real Alice L.? If so, it’d be great to see if you could share some of what you’ve discovered.

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