Dealing With My Fascination

It’s far out! It’s filled with extensive notes about notes about notes! It’s got laws which defy defying physics! Yes, it’s the mad tea party, and it is jam-packed with places to let our pulsating little minds wander and play.

I quite enjoyed this passage:

“What a funny watch!” she remarked. “It tells thee day of the month, and it doesn’t tell what o’clock it is!”

“Why should it?” muttered the Hatter. “Does your watch tell you what year it is?”

“Of course no,” Alice replied very readily: “but that’s because it stays the same year for such a long time together.”

“Which is just the case with mine,” said the Hatter.

Alice felt dreadfully puzzled. The Hatter’s remark seemed to her to have no sort of meaning in it, and yet it was certainly English.

What strikes my fancy is that because anything is English, it must have some sort of meaning in it. Of course, this could be the reader once again twisting small details into arguments which the ghost of Lewis Carroll would rise out of his grave to prove wrong.

It hardly makes any sense. Just because something said is put into a language you can comprehend, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is any meaning in it. Of course, nothing really makes sense in this scene. Is that it then? Is that the lesson found in this scene? Sometimes one mustn’t waste time and effort contemplating the meaning of meaningless things which in time might not accomplish anything. What do riddles help us accomplish? I’m sure they challenge some sort of cortex we utilize up there in those pulsating little minds of ours but other then that, is there any point in solving them besides social purposes?

Asking this question is as ludicrous as asking, “Well what’s the point in reading? Why should I write?” Aren’t there reasons why have to ask questions and challenge ourselves? Let’s say one has no desire to move through society as an average human would unless given a purpose to do so. What would that purpose be? Nothing has a purpose or meaning or makes sense. Nothing needs to makes sense, have purpose or meaning if it eventually vanishes. But everything is created with purpose and meaning, however minute it may be.

Purpose, motives, reason, meaning, sense: All things to be uselessly battled with until we humans are able to encounter out-of-body and out-of-mind experiences which include losing our judgment, prejudices and ourselves in order to answer the big questions of “Why…?”.

This is a useless battle I’d prefer to take off the blogosphere and perhaps into a well thought-out novel at a later time.


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