Alice and… Gwen Stefani?

The video for Gwen Stefani’s song “What You Waiting For” is very much inspired by Alice in Wonderland. In this video Gwen is trying to get some inspiration for a new song. She goes to this agency because of a flyer she sees on a board in her recording studio. At the agency she signs up, watches a video, then all of a sudden she is back in her recording studio…

She stands at the piano when she hears this ticking noise. She thinks it’s coming from this clock sitting on the piano, but it’s not the clock making the ticking noise. She sits in the chair to ponder the sound when all of a sudden this little, pink, toy on the piano starts running towards her and in a slow motion movement she throws the clock out of her hand as she goes into this trance. Then the actual song begins and she makes the switch into “Wonderland.”

The actual lyrics of the song have nothing to do with Alice, but they are a little weird and out there. The video, on the other hand, is all Alice. So, if you wanted you could just watch the video on mute and still get everything out of it that I want you to.

In the video she includes all kinds of common references to Alice in Wonderland such as the caterpillar, the Queen of Hearts, and the Hatter’s Tea Party. Now that I have read Alice in Wonderland, I understand even more of the references. For example, when I first saw the video I never understood why she was holding a pig in part of it. I now know that the pig was a character in the book. The bridge of the song has her falling into a pool of water that symbolizes her Pool of Tears.


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