Power Hungry or Just Plain Mad?

As Alice is walking through Wonderland, she comes across the Queen of Hearts. The Queen is a very unusual person, and surprises Alice by screaming, “Off with their head!” almost every other sentence. The reasoning behind her constant demands are never really explained in the story, but I have come up with a few of my own theories.

It is quite clear that the Queen loves her power. She loves having control over everyone, and she loves that she can maintain that power with fear. It may seem on the outside that her almost barbaric shouts are just her being cruel and crazy.

Well, I pose this question to my fellow classmates, because I am honestly curious about what you think.

Do you think the Queen of Hearts was power-hungry or just plain mad?

What I mean is, do you think that everything she did was driven by the fact that she was scared of losing her power or was she just insane?

My personal opinion is that everything she did was because she was in such fear of losing her power. If you notice in the story that she only shouts, “Off with their head!” when the attention is not on her, and when people slightly forget their fear of her. She feels threatened by EVERYTHING. Alice is especially threatening because she is new to Wonderland, and she doesn’t “know the rules.” Alice gets the Queen quite upset because she replies to everything the Queen says with a comment, as opposed to everyone else who just lays down in fear and takes whatever she says.

So was she power-hungry or just plain mad?


1 Response to “Power Hungry or Just Plain Mad?”

  1. December 18, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    I wonder if Carroll was trying to ridicule the arrogance and impulsiveness and irrationality of decision making in politics?

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