Hello Again Alice (Part 2)

Note: please go to my “Hello Again Alice (Part 1)” to see why I start this way.  Thanks.


Asked and answered. I was only joking in the first place. I knew she was dreaming. I mean who didn’t know she was dreaming? If you didn’t then shame on you.

But seriously lets think about this. In your dreams does anything that crazy and exciting ever happen? No I would hope not. Alice went about this dream like it was any other she had already had. So I thought about this and the questions I asked in the first blog. Had Alice already been there and didn’t know it?

I’ve seen in many TV shows and movies where a person visits a place and always says to themselves “I’ve been here before.” Although Alice never says this, it seems that everyone in Wonderland is thinking it. But it could still be that maybe someone in her family has been there before. Like her mom or other sister. We see that this could be true after Alice wakes up. Her sister is the one that actually wakes her up and right after that she falls asleep and has a similar dream. She just sees what Alice went through. But this could still be a possibility.


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