I Watch This Movie Too Much

Well, I was watching a little bit of the movie AGAIN and thought well what would my younger siblings think about this? After all I think it’s weird, would they?

Now I think this experiment would work better if my brother and sister were a little bit younger, but I still got the same effect. First I showed them the part when Alice got stuck in the Rabbit’s house and then the part with the hookah smoking caterpillar. Now what I was surprised about was what my brother said about the caterpillar. “Isn’t that sort of a bad influence?” was the first thing he said. Now I didn’t think he would’ve even thought about that but still he did.

What has this world come to?

Our youth know about drugs and peer pressure! He’s not even in middle school yet!

This is a clear example of how society has changed in the past years. Although it was quite a long time ago, I’m sure that when Alice Liddel was first read this story she didn’t think about the drug reference. I don’t think any child would have maybe 15 years ago. But still it bothers me that kids my brothers age are aware of this.


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