Kicking and Screaming

My group had a very helpful and insightful discussion on CoverItLive. Scott brought up the trial scene and how Alice was kicking and stepping on the jury.

The trial is my favorite part of the story. I see it as Alice waking up. She is growing because she is waking up from her dream.

I personally think her adventure in Wonderland was a dream. My group discussed why we believed it was a dream.

The great detail and strangeness of the story can only be a dream. What else would it be?

During the trial scene, Alice becomes very defensive. Alice becomes angry. She is not afraid because she is now so much larger than the rest of them. She is braver now.

Alice begins to kick and step on the jury. To me, this seems like she is having a nightmare. Sometimes when people are having nightmares, they kick in their sleep. I think that could be a reason why Alice was kicking and knocking people over. She was doing it subconsciously in her sleep.


1 Response to “Kicking and Screaming”

  1. 1 Hersh T.
    December 3, 2009 at 5:30 pm

    Woah. Good observation. I have stood against the idea of it being a dream, but that makes sense. She may have indeed been kicking in her sleep. But then, why does she only kick as of now? Usually, during a nightmare, people kick and react right? However, if we say the trial is the nightmare inducer then were not there many several things that were worse? So why did she not freak out then? This has brought another facet of the other argument to the side of a dream however I am still stoutly opposed to the idea of it being a dream.

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