Rationality Against Irrationality

At the end of the book, Alice becomes more and more fed up with the nonsensical behaviors of the characters. She begins to get angrier over much more trivial things than in the beginning of the book. I feel like the turning point of Alice beginning to use rational thought is when she reaches the garden, her original goal when she still had full rational thought from the real world.

Alice enters the garden soon after already being angered by the Mad Hatter and the March Hare and their mad antics. Then, characters on an equally crazy level show up; the royalty, the King and Queen of Hearts. The Queen of Hearts has Alice play an insane game of croquet, building up Alice’s hatred of this strange world. Later, at the trial things began to make even less sense. Jurors write with their fingers and convert dates into currency, rules are made up mid-court, and witnesses leave mid trial during all the commotion.

During the trial, Alice begins to object to this insane behavior. For example, she counters the king’s rule forty two reasoning and makes it mean nothing. As she is waking up, she seems to be fighting off the irrational thoughts, and using rational thoughts to back it up. Her counter argument against the king’s rule was that if it was one of the oldest rules in the book, it would be rule number one. Quite a rational thought, especially for Alice, who couldn’t do simple math after her first size change. Alice also is growing to a more sensible, realistic, <i>rational</i> size before she wakes up. When she wakes up, that is the point where irrationality is finally conquered by Alice’s own rational thought which brings her back into the real world.


1 Response to “Rationality Against Irrationality”

  1. 1 Miles W III
    December 3, 2009 at 3:56 pm

    I’m going to mention the same thing, in a post later on so come by and check it out later. If I’m going to talk about this I naturally agree with it. It seems as if Alice’s actual growing is of her conquering Wonderland. When Alice grows she sees issues in thought which eventually lead to her blowing up at the last part of the story. Her rationality conquers the irrationality of Wonderland being represented by her random and spontaneous growth. She’s not only grown in the story but grown as a person and she became too big for Wonderland.

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