Raw Human

An epiphany came to me whilst reading Brendon’s blog about his epiphany which came to him whilst reading Deron’s blog. Although after reading both of their blogs, for the most part I disagree with both of their ideas. Respectfully, of course.

This epiphany takes us back to the very beginnings of Alice’s Adventure. Alice’s curiosity conquers her reason and she engulfs several bottles and cakes of different nature which alter her size, allegedly symbolizing the changes one encounters with age. As Alice changes, she goes through a cornucopia of emotion, taking us through confusion, sadness, loneliness, and even identity loss. Brendon noticed that as Alice ‘ages’ and grows in size, she maintains or repeats her emotion, therefore suggesting that as an adult, one exposes and uses the emotions and actions that of a child. This is where we disagree.

However, I do believe Carroll and I disagree also.

(Supposedly) Carroll suggests that adults still have all their child-like behaviors and mannerisms inside of them, often whisking them away because society doesn’t take a 40-year old who cries very seriously. But, we can’t call these impulses to cry and moan and question ourselves “child-like.” The only reason they appear to be child-like is because as a child, emotions are all very raw and human. When a baby is born, they are born with human nature and impulse; the nature to inquire, the impulse to regret and cry for attention. These actions are called “child-like” because until a child is trained otherwise, these actions are all they know. We are taught to neglect our human behavior and function in a way our established society has deemed proper. But through all of this, we still cannot let go of our nature, our ways. We will always be human.

As Alice is changing from big to small and back again, she questions her identity. Again, this is a natural and healthy inquiry. We never know who we are, where our place is, until we give our self pride, which society establishes for us as we grow with age. After we have pride in our names, it is no longer natural to question who we really are, because by then it should be assumed.

Until society forces children to become adults, true human impulse and instinct rules us. But even after we are living by the formula that adults have created, we can’t hide the raw human lying within us all.


1 Response to “Raw Human”

  1. 1 Hersh T.
    December 3, 2009 at 5:24 pm

    Interesting idea. My epiphany, brought on by the chain epiphanization of you, Brendon, and Deron, is in agreement with the idea that these are simply human ideas. However, are we wrong to want hide these? It is true that a 40-year old who cries is not taken very seriously, unless they do not cry often. Then it is a momentous occasion. Our “raw” human nature is not necessarily a good thing. The desires of humans, sex, money, power etc are all “raw” characteristics of humans. There are primal reactions that we need and are necessary, however, some of these are simply not needed. In fact, are undesirable. So, taking your epiphany to the “mega-epiphany” level, what do you think?

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