Somewhere is Not Particularly Anywhere

There is one thing the Cheshire Cat taught me, and I will put his words into my own:

If anything is what you are looking for, then it’s impossible to find nothing. If you are looking for nothing, then you will find something.

This means that traveling through life, through our journeys we are bound to have, if you have no goal to which you are working to succeed at, then you can succeed by doing anything.

When we are going through life, exploring, learning et cetera, is it better to not look for anything in particular? Are we better off not having set destinations? In terms of our collective happiness, we might be better off not setting any sort of limit or destination to be reached, for if any destination is your destination, then any destination you reach will make you happy. However, humans are not that simple. Desire and jealousy step into equations dealing with happiness. If one presumes that they will be happy anywhere they end up, so long as they end up somewhere, they most likely will not be happy if they end up working at a construction company. Unfortunately the ideal lifestyle is laid out in front of us so much that happiness is hard to attain when we keep setting up hopes to live ideally because we desire it. It is in this way that the Cheshire Cat philosophy has lost it’s splendor.

Consider this:

After Alice is finished with talking to the Cheshire cat in chapter six, Alice takes one step and proclaims she has arrived at the “somewhere“. It’s safe to say that she will not particularly be satisfied about the place she has arrived at, for she does most likely desire to be somewhere farther. But, she said she didn’t mind where she arrived, and in fact she did arrive at a different point in space. But it’s still safe to say that she is not satisfied.

It’s much more complicated then “I don’t much care where… so long as I get somewhere,” because in the back of her mind, humans always have an ideal destination to go. It’s in our nature to know what we want and have  desires. Desire and opinion play such massive yet reserved roles in our motives.

And all of this was a very long and probably confusing way of saying,

If anything is what you are looking for, then it’s impossible to find nothing. If you are looking for nothing, then you will find something. But regardless, something still may not be what you want.


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