The Final Frontier

No, not Star Trek. Sorry you Trekkie’s out there who clicked this Google link. No Spock’s or Klingon’s here.

We are approaching the end of the project and there are still questions being thrown out and about:

  • Why was it a dream?
  • What was the purpose of all this?
  • Was it really just a children’s story?

Well I think I have a theory as to what happened with everything in the story. I’m not sure if it should be published and put into the textbooks but that’s where you come in. Am I right or wrong in this?

I believe that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a coming-of-age story, a story where Alice is growing up.

Lewis Carroll could have written this story, inspired by Alice Liddell and how she was growing up. He put in different characters to represent the people in her life and different events were different things that the animals did. It was all about how Carroll saw Alice L. as she matured. Throughout the entire story when Alice is asked “Who are you?” by a number of the Wonderlands inhabitants, she replies “I don’t know” or some form of that. The story was all about finding herself. The garden could’ve been a metaphor for her growing up and it was it that she was trying to get to the entire time.

Now once again fill free to tell me if I’m wrong. This is just what I think.


1 Response to “The Final Frontier”

  1. 1 Brendon O-L.
    December 3, 2009 at 8:19 am

    First off, the whole story was a dream because that was the most logical way to end it. Secondly, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was a very imaginative story written for both children and adults that was meant to inspire childish fantasies like Wonderland. Children would go to bed after hearing this story and dream of Wonderland. Carroll openly mocks adults and their lack of imagination. This story was meant to criticize them and inspire them to dream too. He also ridicules most of society’s systems and hides cryptic messages and riddles for them. You are also right. This story also show Alice’s coming of age story. One of the most important points I can make is that there are multiple interpretations. I hope this answered some of your questions.

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