As we all have learned through this whole process is that Alice is everywhere. She is on TV, on the internet, and even in our music. I, personally, did not notice just how common Alice was until I started this project, and I must say that I am very pleased that I have discovered it.

What has really shocked me is just how much Alice is in music. I never realized that Alice was such a good song idea. The most well-known Alice song reference is White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. They talk about growing and shrinking sizes and say to go ask Alice. Gwen Stefani’s video for “What You Waiting For” is all Alice. She has her stuck in the house, falling into the Pool of Tears, the caterpillar, Queen of Hearts, and even the Duchess’ pig.

There are also many, many others that are done by small, not-so-well-known bands. The other night when I was looking for songs for my Alice’s Soundtrack blog, I found this forum website that is all Alice in Wonderland. There are two forums about music and Alice. One is called Alice Playlist. Here they mention all sorts of songs, and one person even posted their own playlist for their own story of Alice in Wonderland. Some of the songs on the list don’t really apply to Alice, but many do.

The other  forum is called Songs about Alice. Here they have many songs too that also apply to the Alice sequel Through The Looking Glass. For example they have the Jefferson Airplane song, but they also mention a Symphony X song that is called “Through The Looking Glass.”

There are also many songs out there that we never would have thought to attribute to Alice. Even the Beatles were inspired by Lewis Carroll…


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