If you could talk to Carroll…

Say you are walking down the street when all of a sudden you see Lewis Carroll walking the opposite direction. You stop him and say,

“Hi Mr. Carroll, I have read your Alice in Wonderland and I would just like to say…”

I want to hear what you would ask him or tell him. What do you think he would say in return?

I feel that if I saw him I would ask him where in the world he got his ideas for the story. What possessed him to write this type of stuff in a story for a little girl. Writing about these “crazy” people in Wonderland, and saying that she created it all herself. It was all a part of Alice’s imagination.

So think about it. What would you say to him if you saw him just walking down the street?

Also, what would you ask Alice Liddell if you could meet her? What were her thoughts on the story? Did she like it? Very curious…


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