The Alice Stage

We go through many different stages in life. Starting right when we can walk all the way to our midlife crisis. I believe there is a stage in between it all, and I call it the Alice Stage. This was inspired by Mile’s blog, Remember the Time.

This is what I said to it:

You know I’m thinking the same thing. I talked about this in my blog “Alice the Movie”. I don’t really see what I liked about this story. But if I think about it, I was a young innocent child who didn’t even realize all these bad references. It was just a good story and I liked the movie. It had fun colors, and cool animals, and talking creatures. What little kid would not like this? Alice in Wonderland is just part of growing up. It’s like one of those stages we go through. Right after the sucking your thumb stage and just before the liking girls stage is, what I like to call, the Alice in Wonderland Stage, or the imagination stage.

I’d like to elaborate on this.

Everyone goes through this stage, no matter who you are. Some people may still be going through it, others never grow out of it. Somewhere inside us stays what we create during this stage in our lives. This is the part of our lives when we have an imaginary friend. Where we talk about him, to him. This is the stage when we draw the crazy pictures of our crazy things like that in Alice. Where our imagination is at full blast, non-stop, 24/7. This is where our true little kid is, in the Alice Stage. This part of our emotions never leaves us. It’s always there when we need it. Even when your not expecting it to be there it’s still working. You just dust it off and it starts moving again just like it did when you were little. The Alice Stage is our Imagination Stage. Where coloring in the line’s doesn’t matter anymore. In fact it’s what we color outside the lines that everyone looks at. It’s what matters.

The peak of The Alice Stage ranges from long to short in different people. With me I still remember my imaginary friend I had way back when I was five. I could probably resurrect him if I wanted to. That’s what’s so cool about it. It never leaves you. This is when you truly learn how to use that brain of yours, and how to think outside of the box.


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